DRAW? YOU CAN!  One of my college instructors said that the making of marks on paper, whether a serious creative attempt or doodling, was just perspiration.  The first phase of  my method or system rattles students emotionally because everything they think they knew is eliminated.  Those who can see the exercises for what they are do endure the emotional and psychological battery. As I’ve discovered, the act of drawing is a spiritual act and at the beginning it can either be cathartic or very painful.  I’ve always equated it with potty training.  Once the act has finally been achieved and even larger emotional issue comes up – parting with your creation!

Drawing.  Perspiration.  Shit.  It’s all the same thing!  All three are byproducts of our labors and represent accomplishment and self-worth  Add any available praise to it and we have truly achieved our greatest need – self-fulfillment.

The building up phase of my method can also be upsetting because it takes the student to places they’ve never been before. It feels awkward. And, it can be physically demanding. All along the way, I have to fight the student’s demonstrated human faults of vanity, laziness and impatience. There’s also the ever-present emotions of fear, urgency and doubt. Students quickly find out that my drawing course is far more (difficult, intense…) than they anticipated. Many have told me it was, especially at the beginning.  It was the hardest thing they’ve ever had to do. I tell them and remind them constantly throughout the course that if they quit; it’s not me they’re quitting on. They’re giving up on themselves. As I believe and as I say – drawing is a spiritual act.

So why, after reading what you’ve just read would you take up the challenge of signing up for my drawing course(s)? Because, you know you just have to know if you can do it. Why? Because you’ve wanted to learn to draw or improve your current drawing skill. Why? For the same reason you eat chocolate – you can’t resist. You cannot continue not knowing whether you were or are any good at what you now think drawing is. And, because of that and perhaps that alone, you will at least promise yourself to give it a shot.

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