South Coast Artist Profiles Website Project!

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The South Coast Artist Profiles is a website project that combines the relationship aspects found in Facebook, the networking power of Linked In and the connectivity and legacy of to create a web-based historical record of both current and past South Coast Artists.

Don Wilkinson the Art Beat writer for South Coast Today wrote,

“I believe I know every working artist in the community by no more than one degree of separation.  If I don’t know a particular painter or potter or printmaker, then an introduction is but a phone call, e-mail or handshake away.”

It is not just the degree of separation that intrigues us, but more so, the local and world-wide connectivity of the icons, individuals and institutions of the cultural and creative community of the South Coast.

The South Coast Artist Profiles web project has three core components; the Profiles, a webpage resume for individual artists which is compiled into a directory of artists.

The Index; a supportive database built with information from contributing artists, from our researchers and our readers.  And, the last component, an online Magazine containing articles abut the the cultural and creative community written by our writers and contributing writers.

Our ultimate goal is the documentation of the lives and activities of the individuals, both past and present, who represent the cultural and creative community and, who drive the local creative economy.

We need the support of the entire creative community, as well as, their information and documentation in order to be successful in spreading the word about their achievements and, the vibrancy and legacy of the South Coast.

If you have anyone you’d like to recommend for me to contact and interview or, if you would like to sponsor or support the South Coast Artist Profiles, please contact me.

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