Galileo Galilei said…

“All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.”

The fire-circle mimicked the shape and the path of the sun, the moon and the palm of the human hand.  Truth is also circular; things are not always what they first appear to be. 

Perceptions evolve with the addition of knowledge and experience.  Truth is about consensus or conformity with physical and immutable facts or reality.

But, reality is based on perception.  It is our perceptions then that requires verification.  The verification must remain indisputable in order to be considered truth.

LV #1-2016
LV #1-2016

Picasso said that he didn’t choose painting; it chose him. I am an abstractionist.  I don’t duplicate images from nature.  Instead, I create subjective images.  I prefer to think of my paintings as things, objects or icons, rather than representative of things.

My work is usually small and personal in scale but can occasionally be quite large.  The one thing I hope anyone gets from my artwork is to walk away fulfilled in some way or, wrapped up in their own thoughts about what they saw or experienced.