Through teaching…

I learn who I am and how to trust myself as an artist more. There are moments in the classroom when you have to take a leap of faith that will affect the student, perhaps for a lifetime. 

The decision to go for it usually has an immediate conclusion or some repercussions.   A teacher should always take the leap with their student.  It’s about trust and it’s a two-way street.  That leap always has something to do with the fear, urgency and doubt the student needs to confront.

Students who elect to take one of my classes, can trust me to give them my all.  I want my students to love what they do as much as I do.  The old wine advertising slogan spoken by Orson Wells, “We will sell no wine before its time” sums up my approach to teaching.

Teaching is no different. A student is very much the same and will only evolve as a student when they stop resisting long enough to have a change of heart. Only then are they ready.  

Art instruction whether drawing or painting, is external and mechanical.  It’s as one of my favorite instructors believed – teachable.  Learning to draw/paint is internal and natural.  It’s a delicate balance that I enjoy being challenged by it.