Artist’s Journal: NUMBER 89

Chasing Shadows?


Every artist dips his brush

in his own soul, and paints

his own nature into his pictures.

Henry Ward Beecher


MNO #1 - 2017 - 40x40cm - 16x16 in

MNO #1 - 2017 - 40x40cm - 16x16 in
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MNO #1 - 2017 - 40x40cm - 16x16 in

Michelangelo once said that his subjects lived in the stone. He released them. I was just glazing a piece and was thinking how I like to think that no emotion enters my work.

I am just a visual problem solver, a finder of relationships and equivalencies. I too, do nothing more than scrape away the cold dead whiteness the hides the images I reveal.

Trying to keep it monochromatic. Keeping it simple. Too many colors are noisy. Monochromatic color schemes are less noisy – light, dark and neutral (complimentary/grays).

The noise comes from associative color repetition. Staying mindful of scale. Less is more!

Opening myself up to some synergy. Michelangelo said, “The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection.”

Am I chasing shadows? Perfection. Where are you?

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