Artist’s Journal: NUMBER 46

“The American attitude toward the arts

has completed a 180-degree turn

since the end of World War II.

From one of apathy, indifference,

and even hostility, it has become

one of eager, if sometimes

ignorant, enthusiasm.”

Alvin Toffler – Author of Future Shock and The Third Wave

French artist Paul Gauguin asked this question when he titled one of his paintings – Where Do We Come From?  What Are We?  Where Are We Going?

Both his work and his question remain valid and unanswered.  Mankind has always lived with fear, uncertainty and doubt.

I’ve been thinking: Artists see things others don’t.  Then we try to find out what it is we are really seeing, why we’re seeing it, what it really is or means and, why others don’t see it.

Sometimes I feel, as Toffler described it; as if I’m “…employing homeopathic magic, behaving like [the] primitives who, awed by a force they do not comprehend, attempt to exert control over it by simple-mindedly imitating it.”

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