Artist’s Journal: NUMBER 42

“I know this sounds crazy,

but ever since yesterday on the road,

I’ve been seeing this shape.

Shaving cream, pillows…


I know this.

I know what this is!

This means something.

This is important.”

Richard Dreyfuss in the role of Roy Neary

Close Encounters of the Third Kind – 1977


PAINTING - B-SERIES - 10 Acrylic, charcoal and graphite on canvas board. 10" x 8"
Acrylic, charcoal and graphite
on canvas board. 10″ x 8″

At my Fado – Fatum opening reception at the Colo Colo Gallery this past Saturday, I was answering as many question as I could and several things just sort of popped out in conversation that were worth remembering – for me that is.

I was trying to explain my work process and was saying how, as corny as it sounds, I channel what goes on the paper.  But, that’s not entirely correct since I’m not quite sure if that is what I do.  What I do know, is that most times, when I approach the easel, I only have an academic-type problem in my head that I need to sort out.

My work is really just about process.  Maybe I am blindly going into that place between reality and who knows what.  While trying to sort this out in my conversation, the Devil’s Tower flashed in my head and reminded me of how Richard Dryfuss, who played Roy Neary the mash potato sculptor felt.

Yeah, lots of times I’m working and thinking, I know this… this means something… this is important and the result is what it is.  And although sometimes I feel like I’m getting closer to whatever this important thing is, damn it, when will I finally know?

Or, will that ruin everything?



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