Artist’s Journal: NUMBER 27

“What I know

isn’t as important

as what I don’t know.”

– I thought of this!

PAINTING 26 - 2012
PAINTING 26 – 2012

It seems silly to paint or do art.

Van Gogh said this about painting: “And yet very often terrible fits of depression come over me, and besides the more my health comes back to normal, the more my brain can reason coldly, the more foolish it seems to me, and a thing against all reason, to be doing this painting which costs us so much and brings in nothing, not even the outlay. Then I feel very unhappy, and the trouble is that at my age it is damnably difficult to begin anything else.”

This is one of my most recent paintings in acrylic and casein paint on canvas.  I loved it the moment it came into being but I still don’t know why.

I’ve spent a lot of time just staring at it lately.

Perhaps painting is still very much a thing against all reason.


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