Artist’s Journal: NUMBER 22

“One may have

a blazing hearth in one’s soul

and yet no one ever came

to sit by it.

Passers-by see

only a wisp of smoke

from the chimney

and continue on their way.”

Vincent van Gogh 1853 – 1890

What is it that compels us to do what we do?  Rene Ricard, who lived in this area and moved on to fame and recognition in New York City wrote, “What is it about art anyway that we give it so much importance?  Artists are respected by the poor because what they do is an honest way to get out of the slum using one’s sheer self as the medium.”

“The money earned, proof, pure and simple, of the value of that individual, the artist.  The picture a mother’s son does in jail hangs on her wall as proof that beauty is possible even in the most wretched.  And this is a much different idea than fancier notion that art is a scam and a ripoff. But you can never explain to someone who uses God’s gift to enslave, that you have used God’s gift to be free.”

As I have discovered, if, when approaching my easel, I am not driven to flee from it or stay and struggle at it, I am only lying to myself.  Where is the honesty and respect in that?

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