Artist’s Journal: NUMBER 21

“A sincere artist

is not one who makes

a faithful attempt

to put on to canvas

what is in front of him,

but one who tries to create

something which is, in itself,

a living thing.”

William Dobell 1899 – 1970

My current work has been evolving since the first stitched multimedia paintings started in the 1970’s.  The stitching led to drawing studies which evolved into expressionist calligraphic studies.

I’ve stopped titling my works; preferring to identify them instead with catalog numbers such as DRAWING 1-d-2012 because the work is not finished.  Each drawing or painting is only part of a progressive investigation.

The investigation is usually triggered by a visual challenge or problem.  These investigations are usually no more than academic exercises.  Sometimes, however, they are – no, I am driven by something I can’t describe or relate clearly or articulately enough.

It may be a certain compositional element or color or form that compels, coaxes or pulls me almost mindlessly towards finding the answer to a question I don’t even know yet, eventually becomes, “something which is, in itself, a living thing.”

Whatever the outcome, it can only be a sincere effort on my part in order for me to live with my self.

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