Artist’s Journal: NUMBER 17

“Everyone has talent at 25.

The difficulty is to have it at 50.”

Edgar Degas 1834 – 1917


This post is linked to my Prodigals & Painters Exhibition Statement QR tag.  Here is the complete statement…

Even now, after all these years seemingly wasted in other pursuits, I still believe that when approaching my easel, I have to be prepared to be overwhelmed by the emotion of fight or flight. Perhaps Mary Esther Harding the psychoanalyst said it best, “Conflict is the beginning of consciousness” and, perhaps this is why I paint.

But of course, there’s more to it than that.  There always is isn’t there?  For example, why don’t I give my work real titles?  What is a “real title” anyway?  A clever turn of phrase, or whatever.  To describe an abstract piece of work is, to me, a waste of time and misleading.  I prefer to “title” my work so that it describes where I am with it.  Yes, my “titles” are catalog numbers.  To me, that’s more important.

Why?  Well,  I feel that if the viewer needs a traditional (descriptive) title to validate what they think the piece is or, what it’s supposed to be, then something is off.  I do have themes in mind when I create the art but I don’t feel thematic titles are necessary.

And, since I’m interested in process, naming a piece of work DRAWING 1A – 2012, for example, lets me know it’s a drawing and how many preceded or came after it and which series it belongs to.  The series letter identifies the thematic approach I worked off of or the visual problem I was trying to solve.

What about the show title?  Well, I am a prodigal and a painter.  I’ve found my way home and I’m trying to atone for my sins.  There’s nothing like using your reformation to confirm your zeal and presence.


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