Artist’s Journal: NUMBER 11


4D – 2012
Graphite and cellophane tape on paper
Paper Size: 8.5″ x 11″ – Image Size: 5.5″ x 7.5″

A work of art is

a world in itself

reflecting senses and

emotions of the artist’s world

Hans Hofmann 1880 – 1966

Genetic memory.  The more I do my art, the more I believe my genetic memory is revealed.  I don’t believe it’s para-psychological BS.  The more experiences I have, the more I believe.  The experiences have repeated themselves for most of my life.

The most evident one was this compulsion to untangle string, wire or rope.  I never thought much of it.  My work began to include stitching and evolved into calligraphy and an even stronger connection to illusionary horizons in my work.

At this point I still knew nothing about genetic memory.  Then, after watching a Canadian documentary featuring my tenth great-grandfather which described his death by drowning in the St. Lawrence River after his foot became entangled in the anchor line of his boat, I began to wonder.  It is perhaps the only plausible reason why my art looks as it does.  A little research revealed that it may be genetic memory.

Who knows for sure.  I just feel I have so much more to explore with my work.  Sounds like an interesting marketing angle doesn’t it?

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