Artist’s Journal: NUMBER 9

In the times in which we live it is far too restricting

to say that art can only be found in art galleries and

not touch people’s everyday lives. 

I want to use any means that are necessary to

communicate to people what I feel about things.

There are no rules.  And if there are rules, then

you may as well break them.

Ken Done – 1940

While I’ve been getting my web presence in order and dealing with the necessary task list of switching hosts, domain registration and transfer, I came to realize that this new website has more than one function.  This is my virtual studio, gallery and journal to name a few things.

It describes and verifies who I am and what I do.  It offers information for the curious or those so inclined to purchase my work.  It offers the nuts and bolts of how to contact me and what I’ve done or what I’m up to.  But for me, it’s become a place to house a visual record of my work and to properly catalog it.

One of the most interesting opportunities I’ve discovered, for me at least,  is that I can offer images of my original work as screen savers or digital downloads.  The latter can be used in any way the purchaser wants.  It also gives them the ability to live with the piece before they commit to buying the original.

For those who can’t afford original art (although I try to make my prices as reasonable as possible), it offers them the ability to surround themselves with the art they like.

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