Artist’s Journal: NUMBER 7

OK DRAWING 4 – B Series – 2012
Conte on watercolor paper
10″ X 15″

What do you think an artist is?

…he is a political being, constantly aware

of the heart breaking, passionate, or

delightful things that happen in the world,

shaping himself completely in their image.

Painting is not done to decorate apartments.

It is an instrument of war.

PABLO PICASSO 1881 – 1973

What is obvious is sometimes realized in hindsight.  It only is obvious when it is since you can’t see it when it is not.  I hope that was obvious to you – just as you know your nose is there.  But, are you always aware or conscious of it?

During one of my self-imposed battles in preparation for a show this past May, I kept feeling that one of my dragons wasn’t coming out to play.  I battle with these dragons on purpose.  They help me to push myself.  It’s been about three months and the missing dragon was scale.  Scale, the ratio of the size of the work to the size of the mark the tool makes. It’s also about the relationship of the size of the work to the viewer and the space in their house that it could fit in.

Art lesson: Big tools make big marks.  Little tools make little marks.  Why was scale so important to me?  It was the element that I wasn’t addressing and it made me feel self-conscious.  If I were a painter of illusional reality, it might be an obvious problem.  Illusional (it’s all an illusion) scale is proportion.  It’s pure math.

As an abstractionist, it’s an even bigger problem.  When you deal with only a few visual devices such as line, shape and color everything counts and, that seems obvious to me!

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