Artist’s Journal: NUMBER 4

Out of New Bedford – 1
Graphite and charcoal on unstretched raw canvas
12″ X 12″

The fact that people break down and cry

when confronted with my pictures shows

that I can communicate those basic human emotions.

The people who weep before my pictures are having

the same religious experience I had when painting them.

And if you say you are moved only by their

color relationships then you miss the point.

MARK ROTHKO 1903 – 1970

I’ve been told by a museum curator that people whisper in front of my work.  It seems to evoke, as David Boyce once wrote, “…subtlety and calm intrigue …compelling in their quietude.”  If art represents a reflection of either an artist’s inner or outer personality,  then I’ll assume my art reflects my inner-self since I’m considered a bit hyperactive.

So, what’s the point I’m dancing around?  Well, since I believe that my work represents nothing and therefore becomes something – icons – then, in that sense, they don’t really represent a subtlety and calm intrigue or a compelling quietude.  They are a portal to that subtlety, calm intrigue and compelling quietude.  I have to find out how I do that!  Do I actually I do that?  Or, do I really want to know?

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