Artist’s Journal: NUMBER 2

Painting 1 – 2012
Acrylic on Styrofoam board
14″ X 14″

The individual, man as a man,

man as a brain, if you like,

interests me more than what

he makes, because I’ve noticed

that most artists only repeat themselves.

MARCEL DUCHAMP 1887 – 1968

John Ralston Saul, the author of Voltaire’s Bastards – The Dictatorship of Reason in the West – wrote, “Reassurance is consistency and consistency is repetition.”  Yeah, I like this book!  And, if experience comes with repetition, then as Erik Satie said, “experience is a form of paralysis.”  There is comfort in repetition.  Tried and true.  But it does become as Jean-Michel Basquiat coined as his street signature: SAMO (Same Old Shit).

My Total Control show in May of 2012 at the Colo Colo Gallery was about pushing myself into places that weren’t comfortable to me.  Certain colors, the use of white and other things that went against my training, my OCD tendencies and my Virgo character were where I went.  I’m still not completely satisfied with the result, but I am happy I went there.  Picasso said, “For a long time I limited myself to one color.. as a form of discipline”  I guess I’m in good company!

I still believe that I have to be prepared to be overwhelmed by the emotion of fight or flight every time I approach the easel.  Now especially, with more years behind me than ahead of me, I had to exert control over my work and my life.  I continue to search for reassurance.  Don’t we all?

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